“Nomadic Party” is an Interdisciplinary site-specific and context-related Environmental Art project originated and organised by the international art-group Nine Dragon Heads.

The project “Nomadic Party” is the motivating stimulus for an alternative vision and the experimental mode of artistic activity embodied byNine Dragon Heads. “Nomadic Party” in Venice reiterates a recurring structural specificity of Nine Dragon Heads – a form of open air practice that engages the Venetian Lagoon, accompanied by an exhibition of working traces and documentation, artefacts and performances in Spazio Punch on the island of Giudecca. The exhibition will be dedicated to the creative possibilities that connect human and nature, art and environment.

Comfort Shelter Ran Hwang, Breathwave

Conceptually the exhibition “Nomadic party” is elaborated in on-going laboratory mode, where individual artworks bear post-studio, experimental, or situational and performative character. The experience and materials gathered through numerous symposia and activities of Nine Dragon Heads (which also include workshops, theoretical panel discussions, and conferences) both directly and indirectly, form the content of “Nomadic Party”. Participating artists do not aim to place full stops or answer all the questions, rather they look for the creation of a space where experimental open air and public art-practice results in an ethical artistic message.

Against the background of its broader practice, “Nomadic Party” is co-curated by Ali Bramwell, Gabriel Adams and Hannes Egger, curators who have worked closely within the self-organising ability of Nine Dragon Heads over the last 20 years. The project synthesises and facilitates joint and individual works, while threads of overlapping artistic inquiry are produced in a long process of evolving collaborative association. “Nomadic Party” as a truly artistic enterprise is an open-ended, research-oriented, activity that does not look for the creation of an immediate visual effect. The strength of the Nine Dragon Heads “Nomadic Party” is not the production of a final work but the provisional, unfinished, incomplete, and ongoing search for meaning. This parallels other philosophical attempts to find coherence within a complex situation.

Paul Donker Duyvis, Comfort Shelter

“Nomadic Party” may also be understood as a modus operandi within an artistic methodology, a way of approaching understanding through a flexible pre-existing frame that also mindfully considers the specifics of a constantly changing situation. Through spontaneous acts of deconstruction or development, art at its best also operates beyond the realm of conventional attitudes and attempts to overcome established patterns of viewing the world around us. At all times within Nine Dragon Heads art has been conceived not only as an embodiment of professional skills, but as a reflection on the manifested environment through a certain worldview.

Vania Oh, Performance

The programme has several kinds of activity, held at different periods, which are all connected by theme and intent. This includes an extended research program that began one year before the formal exhibition expression and continues with site-related laboratory-style activity during the exhibition season.

The central idea is that works for Nomadic Party to be exhibited in Venice were developed over a series of site visits so that what is exhibited has conscious and thoughtful location influence on its development. These site visits will continue during the staging of the static exhibition component with an additional summer 2024 workshop program with outcomes that will also be reflected in the programme.

Gabriel Adams, Collective project, Picnic Pavilion
Ali Bramwell, Untitled

Artistic Director / CEO
Park Byoung-Uk
Kim Chan-Dong
Vittorio Urbani
Curatorial Team
Ali Bramwell
Gabriel Adams
Hannes Egger
Strategic Advisor
Magda Guruli

Exhibiting Artists:
Gabriel Adams (USA), Gordana Andjelic-Galic & Goo So-Young (BiH/ KR), Bedri Baykam (TK), Ali Bramwell (NZ), Harold de Bree (NL), Paul Donker Duyvis & Anja Zwanenburg (NL), Hannes Egger (IT), Serife Bilgili Ercantürk (TK), Goo Sung-Kyun (KR), Jusuf Hadžifejzović& Jasmin Durakovic (BiH), Geum Sa-Hong (KR), Hwang Seok-Bong (KR), Ran Hwang (KR), KFAF – Baik Moon-He, Chang Hae-Hong, Choi In-Sook (KR), Kim Kyul-Soo (KR), Kim Young-Jin (KR), Kazunori Kitazawa (JP), Kwon Ki-Ja (KR), Dana La Monda & Oona Hyland (UK/ IR), Susanne Muller & Fred Leudi (CH ), Enrique Munoz Garcia (CL), Vania Oh (KR), Denizhan Ozer (TK), Pang Hyo-Sung (KR), Alois Schild (AT), Shim Young-Churl (KR), Easy Song & Bahk Young-Hoon (KR), Antti Tenetz (FL).
Performance Artists:
Gordana Andjelic-Galic & Goo So-Young (BiH/ KR), Harold de Bree (NL), Hannes Egger (IT), Goo Sung-Kyun (KR), Jusuf Hadžifejzović (BiH), Harry Heirmans (BL), Guillermo Horta & Lee Han-Joo (CU/ KR), Hwang Seok-Bong (KR), István Kovács (HU), Pang Hyo-Sung (KR), More Zmin (KR), Michela Pelusio (GR).
Guest Musicians:
Walter Garber aka DJ VELOZIPED
Alioune Slysajah (SN)
Lisa Schamberger (DE)

Opening hours
Opening week:
April 17 to April 18, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
April 19, 11 a.m. – 10.30 p.m.
April 20 to September 25:
11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
September 26 to November 24:
10:30 a.m – 6:30 p.m.
Closed on Monday.
Spazio Punch
Giudecca 800/o, Venice
Header image by
Anti Tenetz, Crab and Fish